About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you


Shigar Fashion is a made-to-order women’s brand re-engineering the fashion industry. Our focus is to build an inclusive community of customers by accommodating their feedback, embracing their values, and offering more than just product.


We have been pioneers of on-demand and sustainable fashion by creating a brand that strives to serve women of all body types, tastes, and preferences. By integrating every step of the modern fashion value chain, we manage an agile supply chain to prevent issues of overproduction and waste. This allows us to focus on quality over quantity.


Our team is young, dynamic, and passionate to solve complex problems. At SHIGAR, we’re committed to a fun and progressive work environment to bring the best out of people.


Shigar Fashion always aspires to be an innovative and technology-driven company. We adopt smart technologies that help us create deep integrations across the value chain, develop accurate fashion forecasting, and produce quality products with short lead times.

SHIGAR FASHION was founded in 2015 and we continued to grow especially in the Pakistan, we've always practiced GREEN practices when it comes to production, we never over-produce which brings the best out of us, we are a quality over quantity oriented company, with your continued support we aim to branch out into other fashion range items.